Swing ICU door

Besam VersaMax Swing - uncomplicated to use – easy to adapt

Besam VersaMax ICU Swing provides convenient functionality, easy-to-use breakout, an extremely wide door opening and no floor tracks. The Besam VersaMax ICU Swing meets all requirements of superior performance in a critical care environment.

A configuration to meet your needs

Available in single, equal pairs and unequal pair configurations, the manual swing door design provides a convenient user interface, breaks out easily for egress or patient transport and requires no floor tracks. It provides a great solution for a variety of needs.

Besam VersaMax ICU Swing is available in a smoke rated package certified to UL 1784. It includes factory installed t-slotted seals, concealed sweeps and a latching system. An optional door closer is available to provide a self-closing system.

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Technical description

Besam VersaMax Swing features

  • Single, equal pair and unequal pair configurations
  • Trackless design
  • Smoke rated package tested to UL1784
  • Available self-closing system
  • Internal glass blind system
  • MicroShield™ antimicrobial coating

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Product Drawings (.dwg)

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