9 Ways



We’re getting better at saving energy. But, when it comes to efficiency, the job is never done. Here are nine ways you can slash those costs even further.

9. Roofs

The color of your roof can help cut energy costs and even avoid the need to air condition.


Install a white or cool-colored roof.

8. Insulation

The building envelope is responsible for 25% of building energy, but impacts up to 57% of commercial use.


Boost savings with efficient building envelope surfaces and coatings.


Space heating consumed 25% of a building’s overall energy use in 2012. Ventilation consumed 10% and cooling, 9%.


Dial down energy use with regular HVAC maintenance.

6. Daylighting

Expanding the use of natural light (“daylighting”) can save up to 60% in lighting energy in many commercial buildings.


Add a window or skylight for maximum southern exposure.

5. Water

46k large buildings used about 980 MM gallons of water per day in 2012, ~2.3% of the total U.S. public water supply.


Update restrooms with water-saving faucets and toilets.

4. Lights

Lighting energy use declined by 46% from 2003 to 2012 in commercial buildings, consuming about 10% of a building’s overall energy use.


Use CFL or LED bulbs wherever possible.

3. Shades or Awnings

Solar heat gain through windows affects the cooling load of many commercial buildings. Shades or awnings make a big difference.


Opt for windows with low-E coatings and tints.

2. Building Automation

Ineffective controls can result in significant energy waste, but only 10% of U.S. buildings have a building automation system.


Install intelligent controls to automate key building functions.

1. Doors & Windows

From direct conduction to air leakage, your doors and windows can gain and lose heat in so many ways. The fight for efficiency starts here.


Choose windows and doors with low air-leakage ratings.