Medium-duty insulated steel commercial doors

ASSA ABLOY AE2731 medium-duty insulated door
ASSA ABLOY AE2731 medium-duty insulated door
ASSA ABLOY AE2731 medium-duty insulated door
ASSA ABLOY AE2731 medium-duty insulated door
ASSA ABLOY AE2731 interior
ASSA ABLOY AE2731 interior

Commercial garage doors without the industrial look

Some areas require commercial buildings to look less industrial.  The 1-3/8” ASSA ABLOY AE2731 rises beautifully to the occasion.  The upscale appearance of a woodgrain-embossed front panel is perfect for zones that mandate a look in character with nearby residential buildings.  27-gauge outer and inner panels with a core of CFC-free polystyrene provide just the right combination of strength and value in a medium-duty commercial garage door.

Triple-layer construction

Medium-duty construction

  1. 27-gauge steel outer panel
  2. Polystyrene insulation
  3. 27-gauge steel inner panel
  • Multi-step insulation system keeps the elements out with insulation, weather-stripping and a thermal break
  • CFC-free Polystyrene insulation is eco-friendly and chemically bonded to the steel panels building strength and energy efficiency
  • Exterior woodgrain embossment provides a less industrial look
  • Wind load available
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty

Available with Door Tone custom colors.

Door Tone Custom Color

Available with Rapid Install

The Rapid Install system for ASSA ABLOY Vertical Lift doors is designed specifically for commercial warehouse and dock doors and saves approximately 20 minutes of installation time per door.

Simplied Track & Hardware

  • Heavy .063 gauge 1-piece 2" and 3" vertical track
  • Preassembled end bearing plate
  • Self-lubricating nylon rollers
  • Wide body hinges
  • Optional keyed hollow shaft 

Reduced Installation Time

  • Engineered for one-man installation
  • Fewer trips up the wall
  • Fewer components to assemble
  • 10 fewer wall attachments


Technical description

ASSA ABLOY AE2731 medium-duty insulated steel door

  • R-Value*:  6.7
  • 1-3/8" thick
  • 27-gauge steel exterior panel
  • 27-gauge steel interior panel
  • Maximum width up to 18’2”
  • Maximum height up to 14’1”
  • Window options include clear, obscure or clear insulated glass in two sizes and double insulated acrylic
  • Flush exterior panel with woodgrain embossment
  • Available in True White, Almond, Wicker Tan, Sandtone

*Calculated door section R-value.


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