Code of Conduct - How we do business


The ASSA ABLOY Code of Conduct includes guidelines and policies to help secure a responsible social and ethical behavior in our business – for our employees, customers and distributors.

The document is created and distributed by ASSA ABLOY corporate headquarters and is available in a short version and a full version. All versions are available at

The short version contains a summary of the Code of Conduct which is distributed to all employees. The full version of the Code of Conduct is received by all managers and employees working with Purchasing, Sales, HR and Finance/Accounting plus union representatives and any other categories as decided by the respective division. The full version is also available to all employees and can be consulted in cases where clarification is needed.

ASSA ABLOY believes in responsible social and ethical behavior and has a responsibility to the employees serving the company worldwide. Furthermore, ASSA ABLOY and its employees have an obligation to all stakeholders to observe high standards of integrity and fair dealing. This is the foundation for and the reason why ASSA ABLOY has created the Code of Conduct.

Who does the Code of Conduct apply to?

The Code of Conduct applies to all our employees and all our business partners. Suppliers will be included via contractual provisions.

Legal compliance

The Code of Conduct does not replace legislation and if any part of it is in conflict, then legislation takes precedence. Situations may occur for which there are no specific guidelines. In such cases, conduct should be in the spirit of the Code of Conduct.

Seeking guidance and whistle-blowing

If an employee is concerned about something, or wishes to make a complaint or report a violation, the line manager, a representative of the local management or the local person responsible of Code of Conduct issues should be informed. If an employee finds it difficult to bring up an issue locally ASSA ABLOY Head Office should be contacted. The form provided in Appendix I can be used. An employee’s information will be treated confidentially, and no employee will be discriminated against for reporting, in good faith, violations of the Code of Conduct.

Implementation and monitoring

ASSA ABLOY monitors the implementation of the Code of Conduct. Violations will be handled immediately.

Stockholm, February 1, 2012
Johan Molin
President and CEO