Sourcing process and supply chain


Sustainability is a vital factor in our sourcing process. For ASSA ABLOY, auditing and improving sustainability performance among our suppliers is a continuous task.

Organization for sustainable supply management

Group management sets the sustainability targets and the overall framework, whereas each division is responsible for the implementation and maintaining a good supplier base.

Group supply management leads a sustainability council with representatives from each division. The council coordinates activities and follows up on progress. All divisions follow the same guidelines and processes, provided by group supply management. The divisions report to the sustainability steering council on a monthly basis.

The sustainability audit process

It is a requirement that the Code of Conduct is followed in all supplier contracts. The objective is to develop the relationship and enhance the level of sustainability performance down-stream. Prospective suppliers of direct material of low cost countries to ASSA ABLOY must first complete a self assessment and then undergo a sustainability audit

Each division is responsible for performing audits when required, and their audit reports are submitted to the group’s supplier database.

Calibration audits

Calibration audits play an important role in ensuring suppliers are scored in the same way by ASSA ABLOY auditors. A calibration audit involves a team of senior ASSA ABLOY employees who are responsible for auditors in various divisions, together with managers from group supply management, auditing a number of suppliers during a weeklong process and then comparing their scores. The need for calibration audits will grow as both the number of audits and the number of internally trained auditors increases.