High-performance doors withstand tough environments


When US Steel, one of the largest manufacturers of steel in the United States, looked to update their doors they selected ASSA ABLOY high-performance rubber doors for dependable performance and rugged design.

When hit during operations, their previous metal doors became inoperable for several days exposing US Steel’s buildings to weather, moisture and contaminants and causing steel coils to develop white rust which corroded and damaged the steel costing US Steel over $20,000 per coil.

US Steel needed a solution that would provide fast speeds, tight seals and easy maintenance to protect their valuable inventory. They chose high-performance rubber doors from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems to meet the needs of their facility.

Tough under pressure

ASSA ABLOY high-performance rubber doors have a breakaway door panel and bottom beam to reduce damage if equipment or vehicles accidentally hit the door. After an accidental impact, US Steel’s own personnel can put the door back in operation within minutes.

US Steel coils are protected with our patented windlock and guide system, which provides a near airtight seal to keep moisture and contaminants out. The Albany high-performance rubber doors have eliminated the white rust corrosion and costly loss of inventory.

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