Holding the Door for Others: The Secret Ingredient to a Happy Holiday


What’s your idea of a happy holiday? Maybe it’s spending time with loved ones. Perhaps it’s decking the halls or giving the perfect gift. It could be the traditions, the lights, the food, the parties, or all of the above.

Whatever it may be, at ASSA ABLOY, we know a secret ingredient that can make any holiday activity even sweeter: opening the door for others.


You can say it’s our life’s work to get the door for people … we are an automatic door company, after all. But since not all doors are automatic, why not bring some of that automatic cheer to everyone.


ASSA ABLOY Employee Testimonial: When someone holds the door...


Spread Holiday Cheer

The holidays can be hectic. Buying gifts, decking the halls, cooking meals, hosting guests, and attending events… What’s supposed to be a time of joy and peace can sometimes feel like an endless to-do list.


As you’re rushing to and froe, it is important to be mindful of the little things that make this season so joyful, like generosity and human connection. Combat the chaos by taking a moment to spread a little holiday cheer – open the door for someone.


ASSA ABLOY Employee Testimonial: Holding the door shows care and respect...

Reduce Stress

Helping others also helps you. There is scientific evidence that lending a hand to your fellow human actually reduces stress and boosts happiness. In fact, a 2015 study found that people who perform more good deeds generally feel less stress.


Something as simple as holding the door for someone has the power to lift feelings anxiety from your shoulders.


At ASSA ABLOY, we specialize in opening doors for people. We do it every day. This Christmas, let us get the door for you! Check out our line up of automatic solutions here.