Back to School For You Too: The Importance of Continuing Education


CEUs (Continuing Education Units) are a requirement each year for architects and design professionals to remain registered to practice, but that isn’t the only reason CE is important. CEU courses offer professional development and education in various industries that prepare you for advancement and improvement in your profession.

The Benefits of Continuing Education

Keeping Up With Constant Change: Industries are constantly changing. In a dynamic field like architecture and design, trends, codes, products and safety standards and important to keep up with. CEU courses offer the latest information by subject-matter experts providing you with valuable knowledge.

Increasing Qualification: As the industry changes and technology advances, customers’ expectations get higher and competition becomes fierce. Employers find those who have the drive to continue to learn impressive and stand out among candidates and give you a basis for higher salary and promotions. Customers can tell when someone truly knows what they are talking about. Being educated, well-versed and able to answer questions and concerns could give you a leg up on competitors.   By staying educated and becoming an industry expert, you become more valuable to both employers and customers.

Gaining a network: Becoming an industry-leading professional has its perks. When you are knowledgeable on a subject, more people trust you and want to come to you for advice and services. Getting to know other people in the industry is important for the successes of your business and your professional life. By gaining a network of likeminded individuals, you also gain a sounding board, friendships, and another outlet to gain further knowledge.

Employer Benefits: Continuing education doesn’t only benefit the employee, it benefits the employer. Having well-educated employees bring new ideas, revenue, and productivity to your company. Supporting CE and offering the resources for your employees to complete their credits is beneficial for all employers. 

Continuing Education Made Easy

As you keep up with the changes in your industry, other industries have done the same.  CE is still offered in many of the traditional ways – lunch & learns, conferences, networking events, classroom instruction but is now also offered through online courses. The online courses offer a convenient way to get the credits and knowledge you need even with your busy schedule.  No matter how you decide to keep up with your CE, continual knowledge is important and you should never stop learning.

If you’re convinced that Continuing Education is important, contact ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems about our face-to-face CEU offerings or take our free online CEU course at your convenience.