Keep your store’s temperature comfortable


You want every customer to feel invited – and what says “welcome” better than an open door? However, a storefront door with a big opening could negatively affect the indoor climate, making the store environment less than desirable. So how do you find the perfect balance of open doors that are aesthetically pleasing and efficient at keeping the heat inside?

Pleasant indoor climate for happier employees

When customers experience a pleasant indoor climate while they are in a store, they tend to stay longer. However, even more importantly, is taking your staff into consideration. Maintaining the right temperature is absolutely essential for the employees who spend their entire working day in the building.

With front entrance doors that open and close at the appropriate times, it is possible to keep an even temperature throughout the day, making both customers and employees happy.

Energy savings with a smart entrance doors

Saving energy is good, both for the environment and for your wallet. With expected increases in electricity prices and a bigger focus on being sustainable and environmentally conscious, you need to think ahead. Today, there are many door system solutions that can help you in your endeavor to save energy and cost, without making your store entrance less welcoming, and your entrances should be one of them. 


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