More than a Residential Door


While automatic doors offer a level of safety and convenience for many organizations, one important thing they bring to our community is a heightened level of accessibility, and not just at businesses.

Brendon Kuhn, one of our Service Sales Representatives in Abbotsford shared a story about how ASSA ABLOY, the local community and an SW200 helped one person in particular.


Brendon had previously installed an automatic door operator at Vedder Mountain Bike that helped provide an entranceway solution convenient for bringing bikes in and out of the shop.


And when the owners of the shop found out Doug, one of their regular patrons, had become paralyed in an accident they reached out to see if ASSA ABLOY could install an automatic door operator in his residence.


With the problem-solving ASSA ABLOY team, of course installing an automatic door in a home was no problem.


Taking advantage of the SW200’s low profile and easy installation, they were able to make the front manual door automatic so that Doug could get in and out of his house easier, without costlier modifications to his home.


Maybe best of all, with mounting expenses, between Northview Community Church, ASSA ABLOY and an electrician friend of the bike shop, they were able to install the operator at no charge to Doug.


Not only that, but with the same offering we provide businesses, there was a seamless integration, with Doug’s existing smart lock pairing perfectly with the operator.


In a time when the focus is on touchless solutions for protection against covid, it’s also important to remember that automatic doors can serve us in more ways than one.


This automatic door added a level of accessibility that ultimately improved the quality of life for a paralyzed person who was facing many other challenges.


Whether it’s an automatic door for a home, or a business, ASSA ABLOY entranceways can provide dependable, safe accessibility and convenience to people with disabilities.


We’d especially like to thank Brendon, Rob at Vedder Mountain Bike, and Northview Community Church for thinking of others and helping a neighbor out. That’s what community is all about.