Open the Door to Peace of Mind

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Every day that you get in your vehicle, you trust that it will get you to your destination as intended safely. That level of trust is often built on a regimen of regular maintenance and at least an annual performance inspection. And, despite the proliferation of on-board computers in today’s vehicles, they are, at heart, mechanical in nature. As are your automatic sliding or revolving doors. Consider for a moment, your vehicle’s brakes. They have a shelf life and will wear out at some point. The same is true for your automatic door system.

A proactive maintenance plan for your automatic doors can prevent failures before they happen, ensuring the functionality and availability of your exterior doors.  While safety is paramount, smoothly operating door systems facilitate the free flow of pedestrian traffic, especially during peak times.  If you wait until something goes wrong, the ramifications can range from nuisance to crowding at other entrance doors to security and safety issues.

Regular checkups and maintenance for your commercial exterior doors offer the added benefit of peace of mind. The comfort and convenience of your customers, employees and others may be impacted if doors that are not properly cared for and maintained, fail.   

Here are some warning signs that your door entrance system needs attention:

  • Your automatic door is operating inconsistently.  One day it doesn’t fully open, but the next day it seems to be working fine. 
  • The door starts making noises that you never heard before.
  • The door seems to be operating too quickly or too slowly. 

These are signs you should call a reputable company for service. You should insist on technicians who are trained and certified by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) to inspect automatic doors for compliance with current industry standards.

Your employees, patients, students, or visitors access your facility’s automatic doors with the expectation of unencumbered and easy passage.  Daily, they exhibit a level of trust in your automatic door entrances much as you trust in the performance of your vehicle.  Regular commercial door maintenance and inspections can help you keep that trust. 

To learn more about maintenance programs for automatic doors, visit the maintenance section of our website.