How 6 Things Will Change the Way You Approach Automatic Sliding Doors


Everyone knows that automatic sliding doors are awesome. Okay, maybe people don’t actually know that, but watch people enter and exit a building equipped with automatic sliding doors. The experience is effortless, pleasant, roomy and convenient. With so many benefits, here are a few things to keep in mind why automatic sliding doors are right for your next project.

Keeps people moving

Automatic sliding doors are excellent for busy areas as they don’t open into your space and easily accommodate two-way traffic. This makes them a good choice in settings such as airports or busy retail stores where people are going in many different directions and where space may be limited. Having automatic sliding doors throughout your facility, such as hotels, also allows employees and guests to move freely about without worrying about how they will open manual doors.

Meet regulations

No matter their needs, anyone can use an automatic sliding door to enter a building or move freely throughout a facility. Sensors on the automatic doors mean that those who require disabled access can pass through seamlessly. Sliding doors are also the optimum entrance for emergency exits or healthcare facilities as they ensure there are no barriers to people who need to urgently pass through the entrance.


Automatic sliding doors can be equipped with technology that allows for restrictions on when doors open and close. Allowing sliding doors to open with badge access for businesses or hotels can help secure areas of your facility that you only want open to certain people or open at certain times. Safety is an important part of owning a business, and automatic doors can help give you peace of mind.

Environmental Control

Automatic doors open and close only when they need to. Having a sliding automatic door on the exterior entrance of your building can help control the climate and temperature inside your building – saving you on heating and cooling and keeping your building comfortable. There are various settings on your automatic sliding door as well that can help keep the outside from getting in and can also help save you energy such as partial opening to be used during inclement weather and exit only to be used after hours when staff is departing.


Sliding doors provide a great aesthetic benefit to your building. They create a warm and inviting welcome, while also allowing natural light to flow throughout your space. A bright and warm entrance to your business can be what sets you apart from competitors for both visitors and employees. Creating an environment in which people want to return, will help boost business and create great relationships with the community. 


Automatic sliding doors allow for a complete touchless experience when entering or exiting or a building. Recent studies have shown that 64% of North Americans will try to avoid touching a public doors. Installing automatic sliding doors at your business, allows customers and employees to feel safe, by removing the touchpoint of a door handle and helping stop the spread of germs and viruses. In healthcare facilities, this is an important benefit when throughout the facility and in and out of rooms and allows for safe transportation of patients and staff, who may be sick or in emergency situations.

Whether your business is a hospital, a grocery or retail store, a hotel, office or public building, or anywhere else, automatic sliding doors are always worth considering as they can bring great benefits to nearly every environment.

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