The DOs and DON'Ts of Automatic Door Care


Picture this: your new automatic door package has just been installed. It’s looking beautiful and you want to keep it that way. You might be wondering, “How do I care for my doors?”

We asked some of our service technicians to give us tips on keeping your doors looking great.  Based on their suggestions, we have complied some dos and don’ts of automatic door care.  


DON’T: Pressure Wash the Door

Pressure washing might seem like a quick and effective way to clean your door, but beware.  If water gets into the header, it can cause irreversible damages to the electronics in your door system. 

DO: Wipe Down with Cleaner and a Cloth

Fear not – everyday cleaning solutions will not cause damages to your door!  Simply wipe with cleaner and cloth and you’ll keep your automatic doors sparkling.  Be sure to wipe the sensor lenses, in addition to the frames and glass.  

Pro tip: Wipe in circular motions to avoid streaks.  


DON’T: Forget the Track

80% of our service calls are related to neglected tracks.  Automatic doors may be hands-free, but foot traffic can coat the track in dirt, dust, and debris.  

Bonus Don’t: As tempting as it may be, don’t lubricate your track when you hear noise.  While that may seem logical, it will attract dirt and cause your door’s guide parts to wear out.

DO:  Swipe the Track Daily

Use a vacuum or flat mop to clean your door’s track.  Pay attention to both ends of the track, as dirt and debris can get collected there. 

Pro tip: If you notice a build-up, use a screwdriver to gently remove it.


DON’T: Attempt to Repair the Door Yourself

Automatic doors are sophisticated pieces of machinery, which are installed to meet local building codes and standards.  If you notice an issue with your door’s performance, resist the urge to grab your own toolbox. 

DO: Leave the Maintenance to Us

Our team of AAADM certified technicians are well-versed in both equipment repair and local standards.  They know their stuff! Remember to schedule your annual AAADM inspection to ensure your automatic door is running smoothly. 

Need a repair now?  They are also on demand 24/7, meaning that professional service is only a call away! 


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