What’s Keeping You from Automating Your Entrance System?


Allow us to bust all your misconceptions about installing automatic doors.

Wellbeing and safety are a must for today’s workplaces and residential areas alike. This includes germ-preventative measures and accessibility for all.

Automating your entrance system is a fool-proof way to minimize shared surfaces and make your space easy to access. Plus, automatic doors are just more convenient. In fact, 98.9% of consumers prefer automatic doors to manual, according to an independent study.

Clearly, turning your manual doors into automatic ones is the way to go. The question is: what’s holding you back?


Aesthetic Concerns

Whether you are an architect or a facility manager, the aesthetics of your interiors makes just as much of an impression on tenants, visitors and the public as your exterior does. Every detail makes a statement. Does choosing to go touch free on interior doors mean your aesthetic has to suffer? Not at all.

Automatic doors come in a range of looks and designs, depending on the solution that’s needed. Looking for something sleek and elegant? Opt for a clear all-glass slider like this one. In need of something more practical? Try this classic option with extra security. Have limited space? You might like this swing operator, which is designed to neatly fit in the smallest of spaces. You can also personalize your door by opting for a glass etching or choosing from several colour finishes.


Hassle Concerns

“Yeah, automatic doors look good,” you might be thinking, “but I’m not up for the hassle of installing them.” Well kick up your feet and relax, because our automatic doors are designed to make your life easier, not harder!

ASSA ABLOY installation managers and technicians will handle the installation from start to finish. Careful planning, communication, and site checks are done upfront to make sure the process runs quickly and smoothly. In fact, they will typically be out of your hair in less than a day. You won’t even need to hire an electrician to connect your new operator.


Cost Concerns

Automatic doors may fit all your needs, but will they fit your budget? If cost is a concern, there are a few things you should know.

It actually pays to do the right thing. When you install automatic doors, you are fulfilling the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). To offset the cost of automation, companies who comply with ADA standards may qualify for grants and tax credits. For more specific information on these incentives, you can visit the AAADM blog here.

Not only that, installing automatic doors can also help you save on energy costs. Air leakage through outdated doorways can run up costly utility expenses. Our automatic doors can be equipped with features that prevent excessive energy costs. There are also low-energy, low voltage options, such as the ASSA ABLOY SW60.



Still uncertain if automation is the right option for you? You can explore your options with the help of our Architectural experts. They will help you assess your needs and talk you through solutions.