Increase efficiency in high traffic environments with interior high-speed doors


Interior high-speed roll up doors are ideal for separating critical areas and increasing efficiency within a facility. The innovative Albany RR300 high-performance door is highly versatile and features a modular design, small footprint and high speeds of up to 80" per second, making it an excellent choice for high traffic applications.

The Albany RR300 helps to optimize limited space and improve traffic flow in a wide range of manufacturing and logistics applications, including clean and hygienic spaces, high pressure zones and much more. Customers can choose from a variety of fabrics, materials and features to configure a high-performance entrance that will lower energy costs and enhance the flow of their business.

Advanced features of the Albany RR300 include a self-repairing bottom bar that eliminates damage from accidental impact and keeps entrances operating smoothly day and night. Fast opening- and closing-speeds and tight seals also work together to limit air infiltration and provide optimal temperature control for enhanced energy efficiency.