Three-wing revolving door

ASSA ABLOY RD3L three-wing high capacity automatic revolving door
ASSA ABLOY RD3L three-wing high capacity automatic revolving door
ASSA ABLOY RD3L three-wing high capacity automatic revolving door

ASSA ABLOY RD3L high capacity three-wing revolving door - spacious and impressive

The ASSA ABLOY RD3L three-wing automatic revolving door features expansive compartments that are always accessible due to the three-wing configuration, making it an ideal solution for accommodating continuous high volume pedestrian traffic, shopping carts, luggage, and wheelchairs with ease. The three-wing design also helps to maximize energy cost savings by minimizing energy consumption, eliminating drafts and reducing heating and cooling losses.

The ASSA ABLOY RD3L’s patented drive mechanism is located in the periphery of the drum, reducing stress on the drive itself and resulting in lower maintenance costs. An optional night-closing door provides an elegant solution for optimum security. In emergency situations, the door wings are released immediately and then folded to allow for emergency egress.

The full rotating ceiling ensures even lighting and eliminates brush marks, while hidden sensors allow for an uncluttered presentation and clean lines throughout.

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Technical description


  • Available in 14’, 16’, 18’ and 20’ diameters
  • Standard internal height 86-5/8". Custom heights available from 78" - 102"
  • Standard fascia height 13-3/8". Custom heights available from 13" - 49"
  • Patented drive mechanism reduces stress, resulting in lower maintenance costs
  • Multiple presence sensors and switching safety buffers to provide comprehensive coverage
  • Emergency breakout allows door wings to release and fold open in the event of an evacuation
  • Floor mounted design for added ease and convenience



Product Brochure

ASSA ABLOY RD3L Product Brochure.pdf (.pdf, 5.2 MB) ASSA ABLOY Revolving Door Product Range Brochure (.pdf, 2 MB)

Product Specifications

084233_RD3L 3-Wing High Capacity Revolving (.dot, 94 kB) 084233_Revolving Door Entrances_specifiernotes_v3.doc (.doc, 59 kB)

Product Drawings (.pdf)

1018269 - RD3L-14-PLAN Rev 1.0.pdf (.pdf, 212 kB) 1018270 - RD3L-14-SECT Rev 1.0.pdf (.pdf, 172 kB) 1018271 - RD3L-16-PLAN Rev 1.0.pdf (.pdf, 221 kB) 1018272 - RD3L-16-SECT Rev 1.0.pdf (.pdf, 172 kB) 1018273 - RD3L-18-PLAN Rev 1.0.pdf (.pdf, 240 kB) 1018274 - RD3L-18-SECT Rev 1.0.pdf (.pdf, 172 kB) 1018275 - RD3L-20-PLAN Rev 1.0.pdf (.pdf, 218 kB) 1018276 - RD3L-20-SECT Rev 1.0.pdf (.pdf, 172 kB)

Product Drawings (.dwg)

1018269 - RD3L-14-PLAN Rev 1.0.dwg (.dwg, 1.4 MB) 1018270 - RD3L-14-SECT Rev 1.0.dwg (.dwg, 705 kB) 1018271 - RD3L-16-PLAN Rev 1.0.dwg (.dwg, 1.5 MB) 1018272 - RD3L-16-SECT Rev 1.0.dwg (.dwg, 704 kB) 1018273 - RD3L-18-PLAN Rev 1.0.dwg (.dwg, 2.8 MB) 1018274 - RD3L-18-SECT Rev 1.0.dwg (.dwg, 2 MB) 1018275 - RD3L-20-PLAN Rev 1.0.dwg (.dwg, 2.7 MB) 1018276 - RD3L-20-SECT Rev 1.0.dwg (.dwg, 1.9 MB)

Product Drawings (.dxf)

1018269 - RD3L-14-PLAN Rev 1.0.dxf (.dxf, 2.9 MB) 1018270 - RD3L-14-SECT Rev 1.0.dxf (.dxf, 1.5 MB) 1018271 - RD3L-16-PLAN Rev 1.0.dxf (.dxf, 3.1 MB) 1018272 - RD3L-16-SECT Rev 1.0.dxf (.dxf, 1.5 MB) 1018273 - RD3L-18-PLAN Rev 1.0.dxf (.dxf, 5.8 MB) 1018274 - RD3L-18-SECT Rev 1.0.dxf (.dxf, 4.2 MB) 1018275 - RD3L-20-PLAN Rev 1.0.dxf (.dxf, 5.7 MB) 1018276 - RD3L-20-SECT Rev 1.0.dxf (.dxf, 4.2 MB)
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