Oversize vertical-lift doors

Oversize vertical-lifting door at shipyard application
Oversize vertical-lifting door at shipyard application
Oversized vertical-lifting door at a hanger application
Shipyard oversized vertical-lifting door application
Airplane hanger oversized vertical-lifting fabric door application

Vertical-lift fabric doors for extremely large door openings  

Oversized fabric doors from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems has a multi-leaf structure which lets you turn one door into many for the extreme door openings ideal for aircraft hangars, shipyard halls, and other large-scale, one-of-a kind operations.

The flexibility of having multiple-doors-in-one provides many advantages for meeting your specific requirements today and tomorrow: simplified and dependable operation, controllable and comfortable interior environments, safer operations and traffic flow, and lower energy usage and costs, even in the harshest land and marine environments.

With the durable and customizable features, you can design your entrance system to successfully meet the needs of your large-scale operations:

  • Create a virtually unlimited door opening width using the multiple door leaves and the swing-up mullions.
  • Benefit from cost-efficiency, less maintenance, elimination of corroding and sticking metal doors, obtrusive side pockets, and hazardous bottom rails that trap dirt and debris.
  • Gain the flexibility of changing your door configuration to accommodate business growth, lower your operating costs, and avoid moving your operations to another location.
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