HVLS warehouse fans

HVLS fans use high-volume low-speed (HVLS) technology to improve airflow and energy savings. The Serco Industrial HVLS fan provides a 2-3 mph breeze that delivers the equivalent of a 7-11 degree reduction in the perceived temperature. The result: It keeps your employees cool and focused, shift after shift.

The Serco Industrial HVLS fan features an advanced five-blade design to enable balanced air circulation, which limits stagnant air, hot and cold spots, and condensation, which helps keep food and produce dry and fresh to reduce spoilage.

These benefits also come with energy savings, because HVLS fans regulate the temperature from floor to ceiling. A loading dock can raise the thermostat setting a full 3-5 degrees with these big fans in place, creating the potential for up to 4% energy savings per degree change. And it’s all run through the iFAN® HVLS Fan Control system, allowing you to run multiple HVLS fans from a centralized location for fast and convenient access.