Ergonomic lift, tilt and turn tables

Serco SLT Series Scissors Lift Table
Serco SLT Series Scissors Lift Table
Serco SMT Series Turntable
Serco ST Series Tilter
Serco SALT Series Air Lift
Serco SAT Series Air Tilter
Serco SDS Series Double Scissors Lift Table
Serco SZL Series Zero Lift

End the back straining and turn to ASSA ABLOY Serco in-plant lifts. This full line of ergonomic lift, tilt and turn tables automates tasks that cause injuries.

SLT Series Scissors Lift Table

The SLT Series scissors lift table provides versatile, ergonomic and safe lifting for virtually any material, bringing the work to your worker, rather than forcing them to bend over repeatedly to move products. As a result, it greatly reduces employee fatigue and drastically decreases the risk of serious back injuries on the job.

ST Series Tilter

Small parts and components are typically stored in bins and baskets that are hard to reach. The Serco ST Series tilter keeps these parts and components at your workers’ level for easy access. Tilters position objects close, minimizing the risk of back injuries from overextending while reaching or bending over.

SDS Series Double Scissors Lift Table

Save floor space with this high-traveling, adjustable work platform. The SDS Series double scissors lift table maintains the same size platform as a standard scissor lift without taking up valuable space.

SALT Series Air Lift

The SALT Series air lift incorporates a portable design with a safe and clean activation system (no electricity or hydraulics needed) for the most easy-to-use and move lifting power. An airstroke actuator and standard fork pockets assist with its portability and ease of installation.

SAT Series Air Tilter

Enjoy all the ergonomic advantages of tilters along with a safe and clean activation (no electricity or hydraulics required) with the SAT Series air tilter. Like the SALT Series, it uses an airstroke actuator and comes standard with fork pockets for simple mobility and easy installation.

SZL Series Zero Lift

The Serco SZL Series zero lift table lowers to ground level for easy loading of wheeled carts or pallet jacks. It’s easily portable to move with other workstations, and makes a great material lift to use between two elevations.

Technical description
  • Solid steel construction and stiffener bars provide extra strength and support
  • Hydraulic lift products’ polyethylene tanks prevent condensation and allow for an easy check of oil levels
  • Velocity fuses on hydraulic lift products prevent uncontrolled descent
  • Pneumatic lifting tables provide performance, reliability and support sustainability goals
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