Aviation hangar door systems

Enhance your aviation operations with vertical-lifting Megadoors

Learn why the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, militaries, airlines, fixed based operators (FBO’s), Maintenance Repair & overhaul (MRO’s) and corporate flight departments choose Megadoor.

Our Single & Multiple-Part Megadoors Are Built for Dependable Flight Operation:

  • Vertical Lift Design - Enables efficient facility layouts by eliminating space consuming horizontal rolling hangar door pockets and rail systems.
  • Reliability - Proven in the world’s harshest environments and most demanding flight operations.
  • Energy Efficiency - Leading the industry with the lowest air infiltration rates allows for cost effective climate control from the arctic to Middle Eastern desserts.
  • Low Maintenance - Simple design engineered to reduce moving parts while incorporating high quality components.
  • Natural Lighting - Translucent Megadoor fabric is a technically superior and low cost option to improve work environments.
  • Standards - Meet UFC and UFGS 08 34 16.20 vertical-lift fabric door requirements for US Military and government projects.
  • Bird Abatement - Tight seals and vertical lift design minimizes birds entering the hangar.
  • Safety - Engineered to meet local building codes including wind and fire. Patented load arrestors prevent a free fall condition should there be a failure in the door or mullion lifting system. Automatic hurricane wind locks engage every time the door is fully closed, preventing dangerous uplift in windy conditions.
  • Aesthetics - Give doors a distinguished design with 8 standard color fabric options or a custom graphic design option for a truly custom look.
  • Minimize Construction Costs - Reduce building footprint and volume by eliminating the need for space consuming horizontal rolling door pockets and tracks.
  • Reduce Life Cycle Costs – Engineered to minimize moving parts, metal to metal contact and environmental corrosion, Megadoors incorporate high quality components reducing maintenance costs.
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