Crane Doors

Vertical-lifting crane door systems for rapid, reliable and energy-efficient operations 

Megadoors enable cost effective climate control or environmental separation in your facility where overhead cranes can travel without slowing down operations. Depending on the opening shape and the placement of the crane rail, various door designs can be created with or without swing-up mullions.

  • Simple Design - Single door system can be designed to accommodate both the bridge crane and loads being transferred.
  • Reliable - Decades of proven reliability at industrial fabricators around the world.
  • Environmental Control - Exceptionally low air infiltration rates combined with fast operation keeps your operations productive in bad weather.
  • Safety - Vertical lifting Megadoors incorporate load arrestors to prevent a free fall condition.
  • Durability - Engineered for extreme environments found at the world’s leading shipyards, mining operations, steel mills and heavy industry.

The single largest benefit of ASSA ABLOY crane-way system is that it is one door system and is designed specifically around the bridge crane. From 30ft/9.14m wide to 200ft/60.96m wide, our doors can accommodate virtually any size or configurations.

Technical description

Available Megadoor Crane Door Products:

ASSA ABLOY Megadoor VL3190

  • Size Range: Unlimited
  • Speed: 6-10”/sec Open and Close.
  • Guide Rail Depth: Standard is 4 3/4” (Total Width = Clear opening width + 9 1/2”) on extreme sizes the Guide Rail Depth is 9” (Total Width = Clear opening width + 18”)
  • Intermediate Beam Depth: 12” to 31 ½”


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