Rubber mine doors

Albany rubber mine door
Albany rubber mine door

Protect against the harsh conditions of your mining operations with tough, high-speed, exterior doors

Rubber high-performance doors have fast opening speeds and rugged reliability for supporting the vehicular traffic, work shift crews, and MRO teams in your mining operations. Built to withstand dirty, harsh environments, our exterior doors will help you:

  • Keep your operations safe year round from hurricane-level winds, grinding dust,
    and grime build-up with fast, tight-sealing exterior doors.
  • Minimize work stoppages with a low-profile system which has few moving parts
    and a collision-resistant, rubber curtain.
  • Increase your profitability with a proven entrance system that saves energy, preserves interior climates, and offers exclusive warranties.   

Technical features include springless and counterbalanced door components, high-tensile strength rubber curtains, patented WindLock protection, All-Star control and drive systems, chain hoists for manual egress, and PhotoEye safety components.

ASSA ABLOY UltraTough high-performance door—rugged, dependable, and guaranteed to stay tough

The ASSA ABLOY UltraTough exterior rubber door is unmatched for its strength, reliability, and speed. With its extra-thick curtain and airtight seals, the door opens fast, reduces  bottlenecks, and controls wind loads. The lifetime-warranted, UltraStrong rubber curtain resists the impact from collisions, while the warranted control system ensures steady  operations. The optional Truck Guard Safety System safely eliminates contact in the doorway.

ASSA ABLOY UltraBig high-performance door - tough performance for big openings

From forklifts to heavy equipment, the ASSA ABOY UltraBig high-speed rubber door handles large openings with speed and reliability, even in the harshest environments. The UltraStrong curtain protects against extreme temperatures while the Gusset and Windlok system keeps the door functioning in wind of up to 20 psf (88mph).

Select the entrance system that gives you the best advantage. Contact our entrance experts to request a custom door configurator, 3D CAD drawing, product assistance, or a quote.

Technical description

ASSA ABLOY UltraTough rubber doors

  • Door dimension: max. 30 ft  x  30 ft
  • Opening speeds: up to 60” per second
  • Door curtain: thick, two-layer SBR and high tensile strength rubber panel
  • Two drive units available: Springless System and Counterbalance System
  • Continuous windlock design resists high wind pressures up to 88 mph
  • Near airtight seal for climate control and energy savings in harsh environment
  • Breakaway bottom beam for easy reset after impact
  • Lifetime warranty on rubber panel


ASSA ABLOY UltraBig rubber doors

  • Door dimension: max. 35 ft  x  50 ft
  • Opening speeds: up to 12” per second
  • Door curtain: thick, two-layer SBR and high tensile strength rubber panel
  • Counterbalance system uses torsion springs for fast smooth operation
  • Continuous windlock design resists high wind pressures up to 88 mph
  • Lifetime warranty on rubber panel
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