ASSA ABLOY garage door openers

Get performance you can count on

Your life has enough day-to-day complications, so when it comes to a garage door opener your top priorities are built-in dependability, safety and convenience.


Quality components and expert installation yield reliable performance year after year. The self-diagnostic system on the ASSA ABLOY residential garage door opener continually checks whether everything is working properly and lets you know of trouble by flashing the light.

Safe & Secure

If the obstacle-sensing beam is crossed during closing, the door reverses to fully open, protecting children and pets from injury. With a long range remote that employs high-security technology, you are always in control. And the built-in light illuminates your garage for five minutes every time the garage door is opened, so you are never left in the dark.


Controls on the garage door opener deluxe wall station are large, clearly marked and illuminated. The quick-disconnect trolley lets you open and close your door manually when necessary. When you want ventilation or easy garage access, the doors can be stopped and parked in any position.

Energy efficient performance - ASSA ABLOY GDO800

DC motors are quieter, smoother operating and more efficient than AC, without sacrificing performance.  The DC-powered ASSA ABLOY GDO800 garage door opener runs at AC-equivalent speed and saves energy with an ultra-low standby power mode that dramatically reduces electricity usage.  Variable speed operation delivers smooth, noiseless performance and increases long-term reliability.  Plus an optional battery backup provides added peace of mind when the power goes out.

Economical and built to last - ASSA ABLOY GDO050

If durable construction and reliable performance are your main considerations in choosing a garage door opener, the ASSA ABLOY GDO050 delivers all that and more.   This versatile and economical operator lets you choose from an exceptionally quiet belt drive or the time-tested function of a chain drive.  With a 1/2 HP AC motor, you know you have the power you need to get the job done and stay within budget.

Technical description

ASSA ABLOY GDO800 garage door opener

  • 800 Newton DC motor lifts heavy doors
  • Low power standby mode
  • Smooth start and soft stop for ultra-quiet operation
  • Interchangeable belt or chain drive
  • Intelligent, self-learning, self-adjusting torque settings
  • Includes 3-button remote and deluxe 3-function wall station
  • Battery backup available
  • Lifetime warranty on motor and belt

ASSA ABLOY GDO050 garage door opener

  • Interchangeable belt-drive or chain-drive T or I beam rails up to 10'
  • Built-in diagnostics indicates six possible trouble conditions
  • All operator controls and indicators on one side
  • Includes 3-button remote and deluxe 3-function wall station
  • Lifetime warranty on motor and belt
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