Megadoors for Aerospace

Megadoors are the perfect solution for Aerospace Facilities that require extremely tall openings for launch rockets and clean rooms in payload processing facilities. The Megadoor can accommodate clear heights in excess of 100’-0” and also can incorporate Radio Frequency (RF) Shielding protection. The top Aerospace Manufacturers have turned to Megadoors to meet their unique and specific needs related to the ever-growing Aerospace Industry.

  • Custom Design for Tall Openings - Can accommodate openings over 100’-0” clear heights.
  • Energy Efficiency & Clean Room Protection - Provided by exceptionally low air infiltration seals and utilization on clean rooms.
  • RF Shielding Protection - Proprietary integration of the RF Shielding protecting into the door system.
  • Low Maintenance - Simple design engineered to reduce moving parts while incorporating high quality components.