Megadoors for Military Aviation

Megadoors are utilized in Military Aviation Hangars by all branches of the US Military and the US Coast Guard around the world since 1983. The Megadoor aircraft hangar door is custom designed to meet end user needs, specific aircraft types, and aircraft configurations. The UFC 4-211-01 provides criteria for planning and design of Aircraft Hangars when utilizing a Vertical Lift Fabric Door. The UFGS 08 34 16.20 - Vertical Lift Fabric Door Specification provides the compliance requirements for hangar doors that are used on US DoD and Military projects.

  • Cost Effective Hangar Design:
    • Stepped Door Heights - Allow architects to lower the hangar structure eve heights reducing construction costs and hangar volume to be climate controlled.
    • Vertical Lift Design - Eliminates space consuming door pockets and rail systems required for bottom rolling doors.
  • Energy Efficiency - Provided by exceptionally low air infiltration seals and vertical lifting design.
  • Safety - Patented fail-safe load arrestors keep you and your assets protected.
  • Low Maintenance - Simple design engineered to reduce moving parts while incorporating high quality components.
  • Natural Lighting - Translucent Megadoor fabric is a technically superior and low-cost option to improve work environments.
  • Durable - Proven in the world’s toughest environments, including the Arctic, Antarctic, Middle East deserts and hurricane-prone coastline.

Case Study

See why Megadoor was an award-winning hangar door solution for McConnell Air Force Base here.

Case Study

See how Megadoor vertical lifting fabric doors contribute to highest honors in the USAF Design Awards here.