Megadoors for Mining

The Megadoor Vertical Lifting Fabric Door is perfectly suited for the demanding environment in the Mining Industry. Megadoors have become a standard solution for are commonly installed on Truck Shops, Tire Shops, Lube Bays, Wash Bays, and other areas in the mining facility. Megadoors are constructed with very few moving parts and requires no lubrication making it a perfect solution for extremely dirty/dusty environments. Considered the most energy efficient door on the market, it withstands not only extreme temperatures, but also high wind conditions.

  • Vertical Lift Design - Requires very little side room to help maximize the width of the opening. This is especially important in retrofits when the existing door opening width is not designed for larger haul trucks.
  • Durability - Designed for extreme environments and the tough and rugged conditions of the mining applications. Can resist most impacts and is impervious to the dirty, dusty, grimy conditions.
  • Reliability - Manufactured with very few moving parts and with rugged components which helps minimize downtime and keeps the haul trucks in operation. Megadoors are proven in the world’s harshest environments from the North Slopes in Alaska to the arid plains of the Atacama desert in Chile.
  • Energy Efficient - Extremely tight seals provides for minimal air infiltration. And along with quicker operating speeds the system provides an Energy Efficient climate control.
  • Safety - Patented Safety Arrestors prevents a ‘free fall’ condition.
  • Natural Lighting - Our Translucent material helps provide natural light into the Haul Truck Shops and Wash Bays. Not only does this provide a better working condition, the natural light will help workers identify trip and spill hazards providing a much safer working environment.