Megadoors for Paint & Blast Halls

Commonly, the first Megadoors installed in a shipyard are on the paint and blast halls. The abusive, dirty and hazardous environment is the perfect application to prove your Megadoor will work on all the other openings in the shipyard.

  • Vertical Lift Design - Eliminates space wasting horizontal door pockets and track systems that accumulate blast media and require constant cleaning.
  • Low Air Infiltration - Critical to properly functioning HVAC systems is provided by a combination of unique side seals and EPDM floor loop seal that lead the industry.
  • Durability - The door skin. PVC coated polyester fabric, resists incidental blast media overspray and paint overspray accumulation does not impact door operation.
  • Low Maintenance - Moving and metal-to-metal contact parts common on other door systems are minimized or eliminated to reduce maintenance and downtime.
  • Electrical components for hazardous environments - In most bays, the Megadoor electrical components are easily located outside of hazardous environments. However, electrical components can be provided with hazardous ratings when required.