Megadoors for Covered Dry Docks

Megadoors are the perfect choice for enclosing dry docks. Since Megadoors lift vertically they do not require a floor mounted track system as required by horizontal rolling doors. Openings on covered dry docks are usually the largest in the shipyard allowing completed vessels, boats, submarines, and cruise ships to enter or exit new construction or repair yards.

  • Vertical Lift Design - Eliminates the need for a horizontal rolling door track system installed on the dry dock gate and space to stack the door sections.
  • Extreme Door Sizes - Megadoors can be engineered for large openings required for ship movements in-and-out of dockyards.
  • Corrosion resistance - Marine environments are exceptionally harsh on equipment. This is why Megadoors utilize corrosion resistant aluminum horizontal beams and side guides in addition to a PVC coated polyester door skin.
  • Wind resistance - Dry dock doors face open water constantly resisting various winds speeds. Megadoors can be engineered for hurricane strength winds.
  • Graphics - Include your logo or graphic on high visibility Megadoors to communicate your brand to the world.