Megadoors for Crane Openings

Megadoors are the standard for heavy industrial openings where a bridge crane must move between the interior and exterior of the building. The vertical lifting Megadoor design allows for a simple, integrated solution which is far superior to any other combination of door technologies required by alternate solutions. Megadoors can be configured for a variety of bridge crane opening dimensions and interlocked with your cranes.

  • Customized Dimensions - Crane openings vary dramatically in size and configuration. Megadoors can be engineered to meet your requirements.
  • Simple Design - Eliminate the need for complex systems requiring a bottom rolling door below the crane rail with an additional door system for the bridge crane. Megadoors can be engineered as a single door operated by a single button.
  • Reliability - Megadoors are used on more bridge crane openings than any other door system and considered critical to the manufacturing process.
  • High Cycle - Engineered for high traffic openings, Megadoors keep your production moving.
  • Rapid Speed - Megadoors operate at six inches per second which is faster than other crane door systems.