Touchless Automatic Door Solutions for Every Market

It’s never been more important or more practical to ensure the safety of your building’s occupants and customers from the harmful spread of germs and viruses — especially now, as the majority of businesses and consumers are focused on how to stay safe from the coronavirus and how to adapt to new hygienic standards.

New Installs

Automatic, No-Touch Doors

What’s possible with a new commercial door installation?

For new construction or replacement of an existing entry door system, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems has many options to meet custom office, retail and other commercial entry door or internal facility needs.

Convert a Door

No-Touch Swing Conversion Kit

Can I convert/retrofit an existing entrance?

The option to keep an existing entrance façade in place while updating the entry point for a building or storefront is appealing for many retailers and businesses, and ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems has a solution.

Swing Conversion Offerings


Why should I consider automating my doors?

In a world that has become hypersensitive to the transmission of germs, doors are one of the surfaces with the most contact. Automating your doors gives reassurance to customers and employees about the limited chance of germ transfer and will ease the access to your facility. In addition, automatic doors provide an ADA accessible entrance that is convenient and welcoming. And they are great for restrooms!

What space is required for an auto operator?

Depending on product type, our swing operator mounting plate requires only 4 15/16” space above the door frame to mount our operator. Our sliding doors are offered in space-saving sizes that require only 72” to 96” of space. Traditional bi-part sliding doors only require 12’ to 14’ of space.

What power requirements are needed for an automatic door?

Our automatic door solutions need to connect to 120V power with standard 12-/14-gauge 2 wire. It draws less than 3 amps and is simple for an electrician to install.

Is it difficult or expensive to automate my existing manual swinging doors?

It’s surprisingly simple and inexpensive to automate your existing manual doors. We offer several types of automatic swinging door solutions that can easily transform your existing manual doors to convenient automatic doors.

Do you have wireless activation plates?

Yes. We offer touchless, wireless options called “wave plates” as well as wireless push plates.

What if I do not want wave plates?

We offer full automatic swing doors with sensors. And we also offer an array of automatic sliding door operators which are very convenient for entrances and throughout offices.

How do I know if my opening is a candidate for an automatic door?

Just reach out to us. We can schedule an appointment for a site visit. Or send us a photo and we can give you some suggestions on what might be right for you.